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Final PBJ on ETB Recap Episode:

For 52 weeks we Explored The Bible together. This episode is the PB’s Awards show. Think of the Oscars but for the PBJ on ETB show. Grab the popcorn and snuggle up with the family!

PBJ on ETB Bloopers Reel:

As we walked through the Bible in 52 weeks bringing you interviews, reports and Hi5s we hope the series was a blessing to you and your family. In case you were wondering what happened behind the scenes here is a short and fun look back at the year!


We started with an expedition to a beautiful garden and we end this expedition in a beautiful garden. Although sin entered and damaged the first garden, God has prepared a new garden in the new heaven and in the new earth for his people to enter and enjoy forever. In this last expedition through the last two chapters of the Bible, we see a glimpse of the beautiful new world that God has prepared for those who put their faith in Jesus Christ for everything. Check it out!

What a journey we've been on! We've covered many miles. We've seen many countries. We've met many people. We've read many words. However, from beginning to end, all these miles, countries, people, and words have pointed to the Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes, we've been exploring the Bible. We've also been exploring Jesus. We've discovered so much about him from our first expedition in Genesis until now. So you won't be surprised that the last book of the Bible is also full of Jesus. It reveals Jesus to us, especially his love for his church in a hostile world. Check it out!

Paul was not the only letter writer. James, Peter, and John also wrote letters. They didn't write as many as Paul, and their letters were not as long either. Let's listen in on some of the best known chapters in their letters. Check it out!


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