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CURRENT SERMON SERIES: The Making of a Disciple

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus challenged a group of followers to go and make disciples. This command was taken seriously. Look! People are still following Jesus today! We are called to the same high calling: go and make disciples. What does that involve? Attending church? Doing some volunteer work? How do we get to the point where our minds, characters, relationships and services are transformed. Spend some time at First Church for the next four weeks and explore that the bible says about being a disciple of Jesus. And then, go and make disciples!



Sunday, March 28



Sunday, April 4


Sunday, March 21



Friday, April 2



Sunday, March 14




Journey through the Lent season. 

We often hear of the 10 Commandments and a lot of "You shall nots!" But really, God provides His children with a better way to live and be a blessing to others.

What does the Bible say about racism. 

The Kingdom of God is near!  Did you know that this was the main theme of Jesus' life? It's already here, but not yet.  What does that mean?  When we grasp hold of what the Kingdom of God is we gain clarity as to how to live our lives and we are set free in a Kingdom movement that literally will go on for all eternity.  Join us as the prayer unfolds .... your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  

We sing the songs every Christmas, but what do they mean? This is the final year of the three year Advent Series looking at the Biblical and theological significance of these great songs and how they challenge us to share the Good News of Jesus with others.

The church in Thessalonica was a young church and they were concerned that they may have missed the coming of Christ --- so Paul is writing to them to bring them encouragement and hope and to be ready!