Welcome to our media page! It is our goal to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible when selecting a ministry to be a part of.

We want you to fully understand our church and our pastor's teaching.  As you can see below, we have a wide selection of different sermons

that are straight from the word of God. 

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CURRENT SERMON SERIES: Are You Ready for The Return of Chirst?

The current sermon series will discuss Are You Ready for the Return of Christ?




This sermon series will discuss the in's and out's of the Gospel of John. We will take a journey to the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.

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This sermon series "The Power of Home" is all about encouraging and building strong husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, strong boys and girls. Enjoy this four part sermon series.

The sermon series "Ignite " has us opening up the Word of God in order to ignite or rekindle our passion for sharing the Gospel message with others. 

Can’t wait to hear another political advertisement promising ……?Discover the platform of the prophets who spoke in the Bible. These words from God still apply today. The prophets of the Bible are different than the politicians today. They always tell the truth.

The sermon series "We Believe" takes a  grand journey through the most significant creed in the history of the church --- the Apostle's Creed.  What do we believe according to this creed?  This creed has become like the "pledge of allegiance" in the church ---- churches for centuries across the globe have stood to say what they believe about God in this creed.  It will be a stimulating journey and I believe your faith will grow deeper. 

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