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We partner with local missions to meet needs through the hope of the gospel. Local ministries are a great way for a family to learn and serve together. Here are some of the local ministries we support:


       (We take collection 1st Sunday of every month.)


We partner with US missions that are working to share the gospel in our nation. Here is a list of US ministries we support:






Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church in Dulce, New Mexico

Brad & Robin Kautz

P.O. Box 1783

Dulce, NM 87528




Location: Dulce, New Mexico

Partner: RCA

What need is God showing us? Towering mountains, imposing mesas, and deep lakes make up the land of the Jicarilla Apache Nation reservation. This land in Dulce, New Mexico, is home to nearly 2,800 members of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, many of whom are plagued by alcohol and substance abuse, broken families and trauma, domestic violence, and a poor school system.

In a place where the RCA has had mission presence for more than 100 years, Brad Kautz serves as pastor for Jicarilla Apache Reformed Church (JARC). His focus is primarily pastoral ministry, which includes weekly worship, Sunday school, a community prayer meeting, youth ministry, and visits to residents of nursing homes, jails, and detox centers. Through these means, he brings hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also support several missionaries who serve Christ sharing the gospel around the world. Here is a list of world ministries we support:






Abraham and Sayuri Kist-Okazaki 

1-20-12 Kami Osaki #2


Tokyo 141-0021, Japan




Ministry: Evangelism and Church Development

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Partner: United Church of Christ in Japan

What need is God showing us? They are teaching and training congregations in the United Church of Christ in Japan on how to incorporate contemporary music and "seeker-friendly" elements into their worship so churches can more effectively reach non-Christians, who make up 99 percent of Japan's population. 





Jeremy and Susan Beebout

BP 12948

Niamey, Niger




Ministry: Medicine, Agriculture, Volunteer Coordination

Location: Niamey, Niger

Partner: Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger

What need is God showing us? Medical and agricultural development needs are extreme in Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world. Niger has only a rudimentary health system, so disease is widespread, and the country is always teetering on the edge of famine. 





Lana Vasquez

P.O. Box 7523

Thousand Oaks, CA 91359




Ministry: Life Impact International

Life Impact Website

Location: Thailand

About the Mission: Life Impact International operates in the darkest corners of the world, bringing light to some of the 8.1 million children who are trapped in slavery, trafficking, debt bondage, prostitution, pornography and other illicit activities.





Bob and Amy Abel

430 Hill St.

Kohler, WI 53044





Ministry: Remember Nhu

Remember Nhu Website

Location: Southeast Asia

About the mission: 

Bob Abel works with Remember Nhu, an organization that works to end child sex slavery in 13 countries. Remember Nhu uses a prevention model that keeps children out of the sex trade before they’re sold, leading to whole communities that have put sex brokers out of business.

Bob serves as director of staff care for Remember Nhu, providing pastoral care, discipleship support, and leadership development to its international and indigenous missionary staff. His initial focus is working with Remember Nhu’s Southeast Asian locations to develop a global care strategy for all of the organization’s missionaries, as well as preparing new missionaries to enter the field.





Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva

Lupeni Hunedoara

Romania 335600





Ministry: New Horizons Foundation

Location: Romania

About the mission: Felipe and Janelle deWaard-Silva have been called to work with Roma youth in the Jiu Valley to build trust, perseverance, character, and courage through rock climbing. Roma people are heavily discriminated against. And Dallas, the neighborhood closest to our gym, is one of the poorest in the valley. Many parents move away to find work but leave their children behind in Dallas. These children receive little education and have to beg or steal to make ends meet.





Michele Pageau and Mperiwe Ivan Twino


Ministry: Mountain Children's Ministry (MCM)

Mountain Children's Misistry Website

Location: Uganda

About the mission: MCM is a ministry focused on helping vulnerable children & families in the rural mountain area of the Kabale District of Uganda by sharing the love of Jesus through acts of love, generosity & encouragement. MCM monthly scholarship program keeps orphans with their guardians in a nuclear family environment rather than institutionalizing the orphans. This money goes directly for school tuition, uniforms, books & supplies as well as medical care, food & clothing as needed. MCM also provides financial support for community dev. to help build self-sustainability initiatives such as clean water wells, solar power, & farming. This help build a stronger village & families who can then provide homes to orphaned & vulnerable children.


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