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Middle School Ministry (MSM)

6th - 8th Grade Students

High School Ministry (HSM)

9th - 12th Grade Students



Wednesday 6:15 - 7:45 pm


Sunday 6 - 8 pm

6th - 12th Discipleship Class

Sunday 11 - 12 am


Engaging Teaching

Christ-Centered Worship

Lasting Relationships


Who: 6th - 12th Grade Students.

When: June 26 - 30.

Application Deadline: June 19.

What: Ascend Camp... The highest quality summer camp with life transforming expository preaching, God-honoring music, small group discipleship and exciting activites for middle school and high school students.

Where: Lake Williamson Christian Conference Center, Carlinville, Illinois.

Cost: $220. First Church scholarships half of the cost for camp for all students who serve at church. There are various ways to serve: tulip time parking, Gems, Cadets, Squires, Kid's Quest, Worship team, etc. This total cost includes transportation, all food, lodging, activities and leader costs.

To sign up, please first email Mike ( and indicate you're going. Then, print and fill out the following three forms: release of liability form, the participant information form, the Mosaic student release form. Once completed, either scan them and email to or turn them into Pastor Mike in person before June 23. Additionally, please turn in a check for $220 made out to "First Church" with "Ascend Camp" in the memo line.

If you would like to request additional financial scholarship, we're glad to help you. If you'd like to pursue this, please fill out this google form

To see more about the camp, follow this link. To see more about Lake Williamson Christian Conference Center, click here.


Our name was intentionally chosen with prayerful dependence on God. We wanted a name that embodies who we are, how we’ll be formed going forward, and is in line with our purpose and mission.

We are Mosaic because…

We’re all broken pieces who were repurposed when God saved us. We all have been broken and still are broken. We have sinful desires and make sinful decisions. Our sin breaks us into fragments. 

But the Father has called us by name to be His children. He made us His children through Jesus, who was broken on the cross for our sin. 

When this happened, our brokenness was repurposed by our loving creator. We welcome brokenness and diversity (students of different backgrounds, ethnicities, family histories, cultures, etc.) because God has welcomed us. 

Together, as many broken pieces, we are made into something beautiful.  We are saved from the brokenness of sin through Jesus who was broken for us. 

This new beautiful community we’re a part of is Mosaic Youth.


Are you an adult who's interested in serving in youth ministry?  There are many ways that you can work for Christ through serving in Mosaic!  From small group leading to being a prayer warrior for the ministry, we would love to welcome you into leadership in Mosaic!  If you think you may like to consider serving, click here and take the questionairre.  Then, Mike will be in communication with you in the near future!



Are you going to begin sending your student to Mosaic Youth?  Or, are you going to start attending on your own?  There's a few document "formalities" that we'd like to get out of the way, and a few more forms you can check out if you want more information! 

Click here to fill out the "Mosaic Youth Activity Participation Agreement."  This form exists for clarity for students, parents, volunteer leaders and staff.  We ask that any student who regularly attends Mosaic Youth fill out this form.

Click here to learn more about the ministry (our mission, vision, pillars, etc.).

Concerned about who is working with your student?  We do a background check on each volunteer leader, have them fill out a "questionnaire" and have them sign a leadership covenant.  You can see what that covenant looks like here.C.


Mike Melody, Mosaic Youth Pastor

Hello and welcome!  I'm so glad you're here.  If you're interested in MOSAIC, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I would love to connect!  If you click the buttons directly below this message, you'll find the MOSAIC youth facebook and instagram accounts, my email, and my phone number.  Thank you, and I'm excited to work alongside you in your growth as you believe, belong and become like Christ.


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